Uniform Guidelines


VERSION 2.0 – JUNE 2017 

KAC Dress Code Guiding Principle: We believe that a dress code is important because students should be dressed comfortably at all times in a manner that is not intrusive to the learning environment or threatens the safety of others. Attire should not be a barrier to learning and should promote school pride.

The student dress code policy at KIPP Metro Atlanta is that ALL students are expected to wear the required dress code every day, unless otherwise indicated.

Dress code: Faculty and staff strictly enforce the dress code. Warnings are not issued. Students not in the school dress code upon entering the building will be sent home until they can conform to the proper dress code, and will be counted as an unexcused absence. The dress code is in effect anytime students are in the school building and any events that occur during the school day, unless otherwise notified.

1. Shirts and outerwear

a. Students must wear unaltered (no buttons, ribbons, nametags etc.) school polos or school white button dress shirts with a collar and the school tie each day.

b. Students may not wear anything underneath their school shirts except one white, grey or black short or long sleeve T-shirt and nothing over them except KAC ONLY issued outerwear (sweatshirts, cardigans, activity jackets). If outerwear is worn over the top of the school shirt, the collar of the school shirt must be completely visible.

c. Coats, non-school sweatshirts, or any other outerwear are not permitted in school or taken anywhere in the building at any time. 

d. Shirts must always be tucked whenever students are in the school building. 

2. Pants/Skirts 

a. Boys and girls must wear black, khaki or grey dress or “Dickey material” slacks or skirts each day of any brand. Capri pants, cargo pants, and shorts are not permitted. Students may not roll the bottoms of the pants or modify the length the skirt. Corduroy material is acceptable.

b. No pants or skirts can be below the hip level.

c. All skirts must hit 2 inches above the knee or lower.

d. All pants or skirts with loops require a brown or black belt.

e. Pants must not be too baggy or too tight or torn or frayed.

3. Shoes

a. Boys and girls may wear any color closed-toe shoe.

b. Medical documentation must be provided detailing the type of shoes required for any alternative needs (Ie. Slide sandals due to a foot injury).

c. Girls’ dress shoes are acceptable only if they cover more than half of the foot and don’t have more than a 3" heel (as measured from the back). House shoes, flip-flops and slippers are not permitted.

d. Due to safety concerns, open-toed shoes and sandals are not permitted.

e. Flip-flops, stilettos, platform shoes, and thin sandals are not permitted.

f. Shoes must be laced up, with tongue inside, and tied securely. Pant legs must be worn over the shoe.

4. Gym Uniforms 

a. Gym attire will not be issued by KAC.

b. Students must wear t-shirts that are free of any offensive or inappropriate language/logos/pictures. Students may not cut off or alter the gym shirts in any way.

c. Students may be allowed to wear their own gym shorts and sweatpants. No short-shorts, jeans, jean shorts, cut offs, Lycra, pajamas or Spandex are permitted. Shorts may not be more than three inches above the knees.

d. Students must wear gym shoes. 

e. Students must change in their assigned locker room.

5. Belts

a. Solid black or brown belts must be worn at all times if the pant or skirt has loops. Belts may not hang down.

6. Jewelry and make-up 

a. Earrings on boys and girls are permitted, they must not be distracting or offensive in any way.

b. If body piercings are either distracting or potentially hazardous to school activities, students will be required to remove them during school hours.

c. No heavy makeup is permitted and make up, perfume, lotion or any other cosmetics are never to be applied anywhere but bathrooms.

d. Any distracting or potentially offensive wrist wear is prohibited.

7. Head Coverings 

a. No hats are permitted, including hairnets, athletic sweatbands, hoods, or bandanas anywhere inside a building at any time – exceptions will be made for religious/medical purposes.

b. Scarves, bows and headbands are allowed provided that they are not distracting to the learning environment.

Dress Down Day (If earned) Students can earn a dress down day in several ways: as a reward, as an incentive, by having a certain number of merits, by winning a challenge, etc. Students have to be told by a staff member that they have earned a dress down day; students should not assume that they have earned it. When students are allowed to dress down they must adhere to the following guidelines: 

●  No pajamas
●  No flip-flops, sandals, slides, open toed shoes, house shoes or slippers.
●  No shoes with heels taller than 2.5 inches.
●  No ripped jeans or pants of any kind.
●  No shorts, or capris
●  No clothing that is too tight (to be determined by staff)
●  No clothing with offensive or inappropriate messages or images.
●  Skirts must be longer than the knee and must not have slits that go above the knee.
●  No tights, yoga pants, jeggings, etc.
●  No clothing that shows too much skin or cleavage
●  No cut offs, tank tops, spaghetti straps, mid drifts, or anything that shows too much skin.
●  No sheer clothing, and no clothing that allows undergarments to be seen.
●  No hats can be worn inside the school building.
●  No wave caps, scarves, do-rags, or other head covering unless for religious reasons.
●  No sagging pants.

9. Distracting Clothing

a. Clothing or jewelry that is determined by any teacher or staff member as being a distraction from the learning process is not permitted.